Generate Product Highlights & Bullet Point Summaries with AI

CopyHero enables Shopify merchants to instantly create high converting product highlights.

Jan 4, 2023

It's easy to use CopyHero, to generate product highlights & summaries.

  1. Go to your Product Detail Pages > More Actions (top right)

Follow along in this demo video:

Why it's important to have Product Highlights

Product highlights, also known as bullet points or product features, are short and concise statements that highlight the key benefits and features of a product. They are an effective way to grab a customer's attention and quickly communicate the value of a product.

That's why CopyHero's ability to generate product highlights is such an important and helpful feature for merchants. By using AI to analyze a product and its target audience, CopyHero can automatically generate a list of relevant and compelling product highlights that can be used in product descriptions, marketing materials, and more.

Here are a few reasons why product highlights are important and how CopyHero can help:

  • Product highlights help customers quickly understand the value of a product. When shopping online, customers often have limited time and attention to spare. By presenting them with a clear and concise list of product highlights, you can help them quickly understand what makes your product unique and worth purchasing.

  • Product highlights can improve search engine rankings. By including relevant keywords and phrases in your product highlights, you can improve the visibility and searchability of your products. This can help drive more traffic and sales to your online store.

  • Product highlights can increase conversions. By highlighting the key features and benefits of a product, you can persuade more customers to make a purchase. This can be especially helpful for products that are more complex or require more explanation.

In conclusion, product highlights are an important and effective way to communicate the value of a product to customers. By using CopyHero to generate product highlights, you can save time and effort while also improving the quality and effectiveness of your product descriptions.

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